Popped fresh in the intermountain west

Great Tasting Popcorn Is Only The Beginning

Our popcorn is whole grain, has zero trans fats, contain no cholesterol or high fructose corn syrup and is dairy and gluten- free.
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No Junk At the Bottom Of The Bag

Why pay for unpopped popcorn kernels? Our process produces less of what you don't want in the bottom of your bag of popcorn.
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More Popcorn For Your Party

Our popcorn is the perfect party food. Whether you're binge watching a whole season or enjoying a movie with your whole crew, our party-size resealable bags of popcorn help the fun and your popcorn last longer.
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About Us
It all started in a movie theatre kitchen in 2014. We had tasted all kinds of kettle corn, yet something was always missing. After trying hundreds of combinations, we hit upon the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Family and friends loved our salty & sweet kettle corn and told us we should sell it in stores. Working overnight, we made our kettle corn in the theatre popper and delivered it to stores by pick-up truck during the day. Later, we were asked how they could buy the popcorn we made in the theatre. So we developed a process and packaging that not only eliminated waste but locked in the fresh popped taste our theatre customers craved. It was an instant hit and is now loved by people all over the West.

Popcorn Is For More Than Just Snacking

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